We want to hear your voice and learn from your experiences

Our new and exciting Customer Feedback Panel puts you in the driver's seat! Your voice matters, and we want to hear what you have to say about us. When you join our Customer Feedback Panel, you will have the opportunity to share your experience, insights, and perspective on our website, products, services, and more.

Help us make JN Bank UK the best it can be!

Why are we setting up a Customer Feedback Panel?

Our aim is to get your valuable insight and ideas about our communications, products, new product ideas and services to make sure these are best suited to the needs of all our customers.

How will the Customer Feedback Panel work?

Signing up

You will need to sign up to join the panel using the form below. You must be an existing JN Bank UK or JN Group customer.


We will email you in advance asking if you can take part in a Customer Feedback Panel. We may select different customers to attend specific panels, depending on the product and its target audience. You do not need to commit to attending regularly and choose to only attend those panels you are most interested in.

The reward

In addition to the reward of helping us to make JN Bank UK a better bank for everyone, we will also enter all Customer Feedback Panel attendees into a quarterly prize draw for £100 of supermarket E-vouchers. Please see our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page for more details.

The Practicalities

The Customer Feedback Panel will meet usually online using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You will need a device capable of joining a video call to participate. The panel discussion will take at least 30-45 minutes to complete.

You should be happy to share your thoughts in front of other panel members.

The session will be recorded so we can review your responses with accuracy. Please see our privacy policy.

Some panels will be hosted at the JN Bank UK branch in Brixton, London (advance notice will be provided). A member of the JN Bank UK Marketing team will host the session and ask a range of questions and all you need to offer is your honest opinions.

Join our Customer Feedback Panel

If you are interested in becoming a JN Bank UK Customer Feedback Panel member, all you need to do is register your details into the form below.

Register your interest

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This information is important to helping us put you in the right Customer Feedback Panel
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Terms and Conditions

Read our Customer Feedback Panel Terms and Conditions here.

NOTE – By registering your details to be a member of the JN Bank UK’s Customer Feedback Panel, you agree to have your personal information recorded and stored by the Bank. This includes details such as your name, email address, JN Bank UK account details, and other relevant information provided during the registration process.

JN Bank UK values the privacy and security of our customers and ensures that all personal information collected is handled in compliance with relevant GDPR laws. The recorded information will be used solely for the purpose of improving customer experience and for research purposes. Customers can opt out of the panel at any time by contacting JN Bank UK.

If you have any questions regarding the Customer Feedback Panel, please reach out to our Marketing team at marketing@jnbank.co.uk.