The Board of JN Bank UK is responsible for our business strategy and ensuring we deliver positive outcomes for our customers and enrich communities. This includes setting the right culture and values, strategic priorities and risk appetite. The Board reviews our performance and makes sure we have robust financial and risk controls to protect both the bank and its customers.

Some of the key functions include:

  • Collectively responsible for the success of JN Bank UK and acting in the best interest of our customers, employees and community.
  • Responsibility for ensuring we deliver fair outcomes for our customers
  • Responsibility for the robust management of risk and effective controls to keep the bank operating smoothly and financially secure.
  • Leading and demonstrating the values of JN Bank UK and making sure the bank has a positive, customer focussed culture.
  • Responsibility for the maintenance of statutory and audited information

Meet the Board

JN Bank UK Chair of the Board of JN Bank UK Ltd. Colin Mander



JN Bank UK Non-Executive Director Asif Ahmad

Andrew Parr

Non- Executive Director & Chair of the Board Risk Committee

JN Bank UK Independent Non-Executive Director Maggie Semple

Paul Noble, Chief Executive Officer

JN Bank UK Chief Financial Officer Warren Justice

Meet the JN Bank UK Team 


Banking Operations

Our Banking Operations team makes sure our products, associated transactions, IT systems and processes work optimally to meet the needs of our customers. They also make sure these processes operate within risk and regulatory guidelines.


The Finance team is responsible for planning our financial requirements and managing our assets and liquidity. They measure and manage our interest rate risk, liquidity risk and hedging requirements, working with our Marketing teams on product launches when required. The team also manage our P&L, financial budgets and expenses across the Bank.

Customer Services and Collections

Our Customer Services team is on hand by phone, post, email and in person at our Brixton branch to handle all sorts of customer enquiries. They are there to resolve customers' enquiries quickly and professionally.

Our Collections team is there to help those customers that may be facing financial difficulties. They do this by following up missed loan repayments as well as responding to requests for help from our loan customers.

Consumer Lending

The Consumer Lending team manages our lending activities. They perform sophisticated analytics to determine that the borrowers’ we lend can meet their debt obligations and that these borrowers are within the risk appetite of the bank. The team also works across loan pricing and making sure we optimise aggregator channels to generate the right quality of loan applications.  They assess loan applications based on the circumstances of each customer.

HR & Executive Support

The HR and Executive Support team provides support to all our employees, in fact these are the people that everyone at the Bank will meet and speak to at each stage of their career with us. This is the team that leads recruitment and onboarding to make sure all our new colleagues get off to a flying start; supports team leaders at the hiring stage; looks after performance and talent development and manages our reward and benefits programme. They also help our Executive team and Board to have effective meetings and track action logs across a range of Committees and working groups.


The IT team consists of IT Operations and IT Engineering. The former manages our hardware and infrastructure, making sure our networks are secure and our IT equipment performs well. They also support key IT change projects on our core banking platforms, working closely with Banking Operations, Marketing and Customer Services. The IT Engineering team consists of Software Engineers and Developers that are working with FinTechs and third party platforms to help us innovate our product offerings and services for our customers and create greater efficiencies for the Bank. They also mange links with credit bureaus and other service providers to optimise our lending performance and are delivering a new database and CRM strategy, working closely with Consumer Lending, Underwriting and Customer Services teams.


The Marketing team is responsible for increasing the number of customers joining the bank and driving increased brand loyalty with our existing customers. The team manages our acquisition channels across aggregators, making sure these perform commercially and meet our business targets. The team also delivers community events, manages our social media presence, email communications and other marketing activities through the financial press. The team is responsible for increasing conversion rates and improving customer experience through innovating our customer journeys and introducing new services and products.

Risk, Fraud, and Compliance

This team provides risk frameworks to help the Bank identify, quantify, and mitigate the risks it may face in the day to day running of its operations. This goes across all teams and functions of the Bank. The team includes specialists to help us manage financial crime, operational risks and conduct risks.


The Underwriting team is the driving force to achieve our lending targets. While some applications do not require manual intervention, we assess the majority to make sure providing a loan is the right decision and the monthly payments are affordable. We understand people are more than a credit score and our friendly team will be in contact should we require further information to progress your application.

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