unsecured personal loans


Unsecured personal loans for homeowners

JN Bank UK offer competitive rates with no upfront fees to pay. Complete our easy online application to find out the interest rate you'll pay if approved with no impact to your credit score.

To apply for a loan with JN Bank UK you must:

  • Be a homeowner with or without a mortgage
  • Be over the age of 21
  • Have been a UK resident for 3 years or more
  • Have no active or pending CCJs, bankruptcies or IVAs
  • Be employed, self-employed, or retired with a minimum monthly income of £1,000 after tax
  • Have a UK mobile phone number and a valid email address
  • Have a UK bank account with a direct debit facility

Savings Accounts

Open a savings account to save for a rainy day or for something special, such as a holiday, a wedding, or a house deposit for your dream home. We offer an Easy Access Savings Account and Fixed Term Deposit Savings Accounts.

  • Easy Access Savings Account can be opened with just £1 and gives you access to your money when you need it
  • Fixed Term Savings Accounts** offer a higher rate of interest, but you cannot access your money until the fixed term ends. 
  • Straight forward to apply online

Look at our range of savings accounts and find the right one for you.

**Transfer at least £100 within 14 days of opening a 1 Year Term, or £1,000 within 14 days of opening a 15 Month, 2, 3, 4, 5 Year Term.

A UK bank with a mutual heritage

JN Bank UK might be new to the UK, but we are part of The Jamaica National Group. It was founded nearly 150 years ago as the Westmoreland Building Society in Jamaica. The Group has expanded over several decades, with a presence in Jamaica, the USA, Cayman Islands and the UK. The Group is still owned by its members and JN Bank UK as a subsidiary operates with a mutual ethos, including our mission to enrich lives and build communities.



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