Transformational Leadership Programme Launch Reception

JN Bank UK was pleased to have hosted the launch reception for the Transformational Leadership Programme at its branch on Thursday December 9th. Paulette Simpson, Deputy CEO of JN Bank UK welcomed the attendees to the event and applauded the brilliant initiative of the leadership programme.

Samuel Kasumu, Founder of Inclusive Boards and moderator of the event spoke about how the programme is designed to improve public health and wellbeing in Lambeth & Southwark by focusing on breaking the link between race and poor health outcomes.

The Transformational Leadership programme is being delivered in partnership with Inclusive Boards, Do it Now Now, Impact on Urban Health and Guys & St. Thomas Foundation.

The programme will offer leadership development for individuals and organisations. It will support high potential Black Leaders with a connection to Lambeth and Southwark in their leadership development. The aim of the programme is to:

  • Support organisations to improve equity, diversity and inclusion within their organisations and across their respective services.
  • Create advancement opportunities for black leaders to engage with experiences of inequalities to ensure decisions made at the most senior levels of organisations consider the needs of users in the diverse communities of Lambeth & Southwark.

Earl Jarrett, CEO JN Group, spoke at the event and encouraged the leaders in the programme to be bold and make their mark to encourage positive change in their communities. He cited examples using the current statistics of Prostate Cancer such as how more black men are at risk of being diagnosed and two and a half times more likely to die with the disease than others. He also spoke about his personal experience when his grandmother died from breast cancer. He highlighted that more needs to be done to build awareness and to do research to find out why this is so. With greater diversity at all levels including at the critical decision-making levels in our health sector, more can be done to support this issue and many other similar problems.

Other inspiring speakers included Bayo Adelaja, Founder & CEO of ‘Do it Now Now’ who shared her inspiring story of how she started her organisation and the amazing work it does to help empower black people and under-represented groups in the community by providing access to resources. Rowena Estwich, Diversity & Inclusion Manager at ‘Impact on Urban Health’ who also shared information about her organisation and the need for equitable research approach to influence policy that can impact changes and amplify the voices of under-represented people.

Samuel Kasumu also gave a special congratulatory tribute and gift to Paulette Simpson on the recent award of her CBE.

During the cocktail hour, attendees were networking, taking lots of pics while enjoying the tasty Caribbean nibbles and rum punch on offer.

The event was vibrant with the brilliant attendees, inspiring content, and beautiful environment.