On Da Beat's Tomorrow's World3.0 - June 13th 2024

On Da Beat hosted an event to celebrate London Tech Week at the JN Bank UK Branch community hub on Thursday June 13th 2024. The event was called ‘Tomorrow’s World3.0’. The event was to discuss how culture and technology is influencing the music industry.

On Da Beat is an independent music company based in Wandsworth, London and are currently relocating to Brixton. They run a studio and talent management company rooted in UK rap music. On Da Beat are known for producing the platinum selling record ‘Man’s Not Hot’. They provide training on producing, composing, and recording of music. In addition, the team teaches music lessons to children and young people.

The event therefore had a mix of persons who are either in the music industry or aspiring to be. There were two sets of panellists from the music industry leading the conversation. Panel one discussion centred on the topic: ‘How tech is powering the growth of the Pan-African entertainment industry? Panel two focused on the topic: Run the Cheque: Redefining ownership and direct to fan.’

Panel one included:

  • Charlotte Bwana, Vice President of Marketing at Audiomack
  • John Hill, Music Consultant, Rain Labs | Digital Partnerships Coordinator at Sony Music Entertainment UK
  • Sef Kombo, Founder/ Afro House Music trailblazer at TilTwo

Panel two included:

  • Carla Brown, CFO and Founder at Syncdin
  • Andrew Diego, Founder of Choplife
  • Daysh – Recording Artiste at Choplife
  • Maeve De Bordon, Label Manager and Creative Producer at LBM

A lively conversation ensued where they examined how empowering technology is for artistes. They also spoke about who would benefit more and the changes that have begun to happen because of this. The event also provided a good networking experience for attendees.

JN Bank UK are really pleased to have hosted the event at our branch. Paulette Simpson CBE Deputy CEO at JN Bank UK, welcomed the attendees and informed them of JN Bank UK and the other entities within the JN Group in the UK.