Let's Talk Menopause - March 21st 2024

Let’s Talk Menopause was held on Thursday March 21st at the JN Bank UK Branch in Brixton. It was the final event in our Women History Month activities. We were pleased to work with Dr. Yansie Rolston, founder of youandmenopause.org and her partners at Efficacy E.V.A CIC on this event.

Maureen Anderson and Debi Lewinson Roberts led a lively talk on menopause. They shared useful and handy information with everyone. The talk started with looking at what the menopause is, followed by the stages of the menopause experience. The signs and treatment available for menopause were looked at also. Maureen and Debi said that there is variety in menopause as each person’s experience is different. Persons spoke openly about the intense symptoms they had and how they dealt with them. Others told the group how the menopause changed their work life and relationships. Helpful tips were shared on useful tools and support groups that persons could join.

The attendees watched and spoke about a short film called – ‘Our Menopause – The Black Woman’. This film was made by Dr. Yansie Rolston. The women said that the film was relevant and funny. They explained that it helped them to look at their own experiences from another point of view.

Everyone received a lovely bag filled with goodies such as sweet treats and literature on understanding menopause. This included a book entitled: Black and Menopausal: Intimate Stories of Navigating the Change. edited by Dr. Yansie Rolston and Yvonne Christie. These were all kindly donated by youandmenopause.org.

The most common feedback about the event is that ‘it was an evening well spent’. The women said the talk allowed them to share, learn and inspire each other in a fun and meaningful way. They expressed that they were pleased to be a part of the talk and commended JN Bank UK for putting on the event.