Loughborough Community Centre Career Fair 9th February 2024

JN Bank UK was happy to be at the Loughborough Community Centre Careers Fair on February 9th. Students from nearby High Schools and Sixth Form Colleges attended the Careers Fair. Teachers and parents were also in attendance with their students and children.

Students were keen to learn about our bank, and the many roles, and skills required to operate it. It was an absolute pleasure to share with them and provide insights to their queries.

The Fair is part of the centre’s National Apprenticeship Week activities. The week runs from November 5th to 11th. The aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of doing an apprenticeship. JN Bank UK have enjoyed welcoming colleagues on both the Kickstart and Apprenticeship schemes. The Government has a page to help you understand if a job is right for you and current availabilities. Click
here for details.

15 companies attended from sectors such as construction, transport, tech, banking, and more! Event organiser Charlene Richards said that she was happy to have JN Bank UK at the event. She raised the importance of businesses meeting with students and the wider community.