International Women’s Day Poetry Evening

“Hearing you read is beautiful, inspiring and empowering” said one attendee to our guest presenter at An Evening of Poetry and Conversation. The event was hosted at the JN Bank UK branch in Brixton on Monday March 13th in celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

The multi-award-winning Caribbean poet, Dr. Natalie Corthésy was the special guest who read from her collections ‘Fried Green Plantains’ and ‘Skyjuice’ to a captivated audience. She took us on a journey to Jamaica where she is from and told poetic stories of multifaceted women from all walks of life. There was laughter a plenty, lively discussions and much food for thought as our skilful poet took on the characters of the personas being portrayed in the poems.

Natalie shared her inspiration and methods as a writer and encouraged the attendees to never give up on their goals. She explained how journalling helped and inspired her with her writing - it allowed her to have conversations with herself and served as a catalogue of experiences which is a treasure chest of ideas.

She emphasized that all pursuits are journeys, and we should keep going…one page at a time.