The IDENTITY Project with John Donne School

As part of 2021’s Black History Month celebrations, JN Bank UK partnered with Elevated Minds to introduce the IDENTITY Project programme in to a local school.

Held at John Donne Primary School in South London, four sessions were hosted for young people to empower them to avoid disruptive behaviour which often leads to exclusion.

The objectives of the programme were to:

  • Develop greater awareness of themselves and their cultural origin
  • Align their values with their actions - what is important to them and why
  • Improve their emotional intelligence
  • Know and identify their strengths and their weaknesses
  • Improve communication
  • Gain a better understanding of the points of view of others

JN Bank UK‘s team members, who acted as role models, participated in each session and shared personal stories and JN Bank UK’s history, ethos, values and mission.

JN Bank UK’s Dianne Augustin, Leon Hamilton and Petrian Menzies participated in these sessions, as well as Devon Hanson, a retired Headteacher and JN Group Culture Ambassador, Patrick Forrest from JN Money UK.

On the final day of the programme, the JN Bank UK team visited the school for Assembly and presented Certificates of Achievement to all the participants.

Parents were able to participate in positive affirmation activities with their child. The students also had the opportunity to provide feedback on what they have learnt from the programme.