An Intimate Celebration for Angie Le Mar

A room full of love and admiration is a fitting description of the gathering at JN’s An Intimate Celebration for Angie le Mar held on October 24th at the JN Bank UK branch in Brixton. There were several heartfelt testimonials reflecting on the many lives positively impacted by this amazing ‘sister’.

Angie Le Mar was applauded and commended for being a trailblazer as the ‘first lady of Black comedy’ in the UK. There was a lot of laughter in the room when video highlights of some of her performances over the years were shared. Angie Le Mar reiterated “I knew from a young child I had something important to do in the world, and that was to share the gift of laughter”. She has done that for over 40 years and so much more.

She is the author of a Children series ‘A Bundle of Joy’ where she tries to empower the next generation with her words and captivating imagery. She has also published an autobiography ‘Turning Your Gift Around’ where she shares the inspirational story of her struggles with dyslexia and exclusion from school to becoming the pioneer and icon she is today.

Many attendees which included fans, loved ones and fellow colleagues in the performing arts sector thanked her for being an inspiration. Some thanked her for helping them into the ‘business’ and pulling them up the professional ladder of the entertainment sector.

The JN Bank UK team was pleased to have hosted such a delightful evening in our branch community space. We join hands and hearts with the wider community in saluting the amazing multi-award winning comedian, author, writer and director - Angie Le Mar.


Angie Le Mar Event

Angie Le Mar Event