A Conversation and Book Reading with Samuel Kasumu

In celebration of Black History Month JN Bank UK hosted a conversation and book reading with Samuel Kasumu at our branch on Thursday October 26th. Samuel Kasumu is an award-winning social entrepreneur, commentator, and strategist. He served as Special Advisor to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He was also running to be the Conservative Party candidate for the next Mayor of London.

In his book The Power of the Outsider: A Journey of Discovery, Kasumu highlights the value an outsider can bring, such as: challenging commonly held orthodoxy, heal divisions, broaden audiences and inspire others. This resulted in a lively conversation among attendees who resonated with the themes and shared testimonials of times when they have had an ‘outsider’ experience.

Many questions were addressed about Kasumu’s social, professional and political journey which inspired the book. He shared that he wanted to motivate and encourage individuals to be strong advocates for others, accept their difference, seek out and grasp opportunities, have a network of people to help them and to not fear failure.
The conversation and book reading were ably moderated by Althea Wolfe (literary and cultural heritage producer) who guided the vibrant conversation and the profoundly stimulating readings by Kasumu. It was an inspirational evening.