100 Black Men of London - Its Time We Talked - May 30th 2024

The 100 Black Men of London charity hosted their monthly support group meeting called ‘It’s Time We Talked’. It was held at the JN Bank UK branch community hub on Thursday May 30th. The purpose of the group is to have a safe space where the community can freely talk about their health concerns with relevant health professionals. The focus of the session was to discuss the benefits of exercise, running walking and overall fitness.

The event was motivational as it had a number of fitness groups sharing what they do and how persons can join them in keeping active and changing their lives for the better. Some of the community groups on the panel where representatives from:

  • We Run Croydon
  • Emancipated Run Crew
  • Queens Walking Group and
  • Barely Human

Each of the panellists explained that they organise a range of activities to help keep people moving and to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stories were shared by some of the panellists about how they changed from being inactive to now having a daily exercise routine. They encouraged everyone to start their fitness journey and to include family and friends. The importance of community support was also highlighted as it is easier and more fun to do with people you enjoy being around. A point was made that children should be included so that being active becomes a natural way of life from early.

Medical Doctor, educator and television presenter Dr. Eric Griggs popularly known as ‘Doc Griggs’ also gave an engaging talk virtually via the Zoom platform. He encouraged everyone to:

  • Get checked
  • Get Fit and to
  • Get Moving

These tips became a mantra throughout his talk as he said that being active will significantly lower the risk of a number of illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.

JN Bank UK was pleased to host the event at our branch. Leon Hamilton, Head of Collections welcomed the attendees and shared information about our heritage and the products and services we offer.

It was a lovely evening well spent. Attendees were able to connect with community leaders through fitness and friendship.